Boost partner sales with Ventrata’s concierge and partner portals

Fully white-labelled portals with live availability allow agents to upsell and inspire​

Selling tours through partners will always be an important part of being an operator. Hotels, hostels and tourist information are sales channels with a captive audience. Travellers are in-destination and looking for the best way to see and Instagram everything they want.

Recently, when backpacking across Morocco, the owner of a riad I was staying in talked me through my options for camping in the Sahara. I ended up booking a three-day tour through Ait Ben Haddou, where Game of Thrones was shot, to see the desert stars outside Merzouga on the border with Algeria. It turned out everyone on the tour had booked through their accommodation.

Christian Watts, CEO of Skyline Sightseeing in San Francisco, says: “We run a lot of desks and visitor centres — so it’s a key income source.

“Ventrata’s concierge terminals are probably one of the biggest parts for us.”

partner sales concierge and partner portals concierge partner portals skyline san francisco christian watts
Ventrata’s dashboard will make it easy for you to drill into information about your partner sales, straight from your concierges

We provide operators with fully white-labelled partner portals and points-of-sale to help drive sales through partners. These allow agents to guide a potential customer through your tours and to inspire them.

All the inventory sold through these are live, so you don’t need to worry about overbooking a trip, and all sales information appears in your dashboard in real time.

Your Ventrata dashboard will make it easy for you to drill into this channel information, and make quick comparisons with a number of different metrics. This allows you to optimise each of your channels using some of the other tools we have built.

partner sales concierge and partner portals concierge partner portals skyline san francisco christian watts
Ventrata allows you implement custom commission bands for your partners — Zahid Lilani / Pexels

Commission banding for your partners gives you the opportunity to negotiate a range of options for your partners. If a partner’s sales aren’t performing as well as expected, they can be moved up or down a band, or completely turned off.

And, if you wish, you can allow your partners’ agents to track their performance throughout their shift. Their portal dashboard can show sales, commissions and progress towards targets.

Your dashboard will also automatically issue and deliver invoices, including commissions, for partner sales. It allows your partners to pay these directly with their card.

There is no better option for streamlining and optimising your concierges than Ventrata.

For more information on Ventrata’s concierge, check out Partner sales or request a demo here

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