Sunmi T2 concierge

The perfect point-of-sale to guide and inspire customers


Keep retail locations looking clean

Small profile means the point-of-sale takes up almost no space on your desks

Show off all your products

A full HD screen allows you to give customers all the information they need

Complete dashboard integration

Connects directly to your dashboard in real time for immediate analysis

Visualise your products for partners, concierges and sales staff

The Sunmi T2 is a desktop point-of-sale built for the twenty-first century. Touchscreen capabilities with wifi and mobile internet connections mean that your customers can be inspired by your products while at one of your locations, or by a concierge at their hotel.

The new build of the Ventrata app, based on the most up-to-date frameworks from Google, has been optimised for performance on the T2. This turns the T2 into an all-in-one redemption and ticketing solution.

It supports all mobile and paper tickets, works with OTA vouchers, and RFID tickets are supported for cards and wristbands. It is also possible to integrate the solution with local transit passes.

Managed through your dashboard

All T2 devices are managed through the Ventrata dashboard. This allows you to control which products are being sold by particular resellers and to see any commission that they earn in real time, motivating sales.

You can also see exactly how the devices are performing, and how each seller or reseller is doing. All information collected in the dashboard is easy to analyse, and reports can be built with just a few clicks and saved for future use.

If an internet connection drops, all information is stored locally on the T2 and uploaded as soon as the network returns.

Plenty of memory, speed and strength

Built upon Android 7.1 Nougat, the T2 comes with a quick Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor. This means that customers will not need to wait for products to load, or while purchasing or redeeming their tickets.

The point of sale has 1GB RAM and 8GB of memory, expandable by 64GB through a micro SD card slot, for offline sales and redemption storage.

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