Optimise your frontline staff

We have a wide range of EMV certified devices, from desktop to handheld, and designed to work perfectly for on-site sales, whether you’re connected to wifi or on a bus with no signal at all

Our solutions

Built for all possible environments

Handheld mobile

Terminals that work brilliantly with or without an active internet connection, and have more than enough battery to last all day on a single charge. It’s the perfect companion for roaming sellers

Desktop point-of-sale

A lightweight and compact desktop tablet for point-of-sale tickets. It works as an all-in-one barcode scanner, printer and payment terminal solution and is also perfect for retail

Self-service kiosk

The perfect queue buster for sales staff and hotel concierges to guide customers through product ranges. They may also completely hand off sales to the kiosk itself, which is capable of printing and scanning

Integrated payments

We have developed a fully-integrated payment solution so you don’t need to manage multiple devices

Fully EMV-approved

PCI PTS V4.0 certified, SRED EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certificates. All our devices are fully EMV approved

180+ global payment methods

As well as Visa, Mastercard and Amex, we support more than 180 payment methods across the world

Ticket delivery

Tickets can be printed through receipt printers or BOCA ticket printers. Barcodes can then be scanned on any of your redemption tools

Time to go paperless?

Ready to save the planet and go paperless? Assign tickets to wristbands or cards, and deliver QR or barcodes by SMS or email to customers to use on their phone

Redeem vouchers

Scan and redeem all partner sales from your portable handheld devices, which are also perfect for mobile ticket inspection

On-board validation

A fixed, pole-mounted scanner perfect for validating RFID, mobile and paper tickets onboard boats and buses

Turnstile integration

Integrate your scanners into any make and model of turnstile to allow automatic redemption of vouchers and tickets

Sales targets & commissions

Set on-site sales targets for your sellers and allow them to track their commission in real time

GPS tracking

Track where devices are, who is logged in, and see sales volumes on a heatmap. This also works for historical analysis

Offline sales

Sell and accept payments without signal or internet and sync as soon as you reconnect

On-site sales commission and targets

Make selling easier and incentivise your agents

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  • Set commissions Your management Dashboard gives you the ability to set individual and group commissions. These are based on a number of different criteria, such as sales, product type, time, location and much more
  • Set targets Motivate your sellers to achieve greater on-site sales through targets and live commission earnings on their mobile devices. Use multiple sales incentives to gain maximum performance from your sellers at all times

Cash up

Help your sellers work more efficiently, and save your operations and finance teams’ time. Ventrata performs automatic checks and reconciliation to avoid manual error

Live location tracking

Keep track of your sellers, guides, and vehicles. Using your devices’ inbuilt GPS, you can analyse location and predict fleet management, predict arrival times, manage disputers, and more

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