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Explore our features and solutions, from a seamless booking system to powerful sales and reporting tools, all backed by our robust hardware. Ventrata simplifies operations for your business.

Sell tickets online

Ventrata Web Checkout offers an intuitive interface, seamless integration, mobile optimisation, and real-time availability. Available embedded or pop-up, the checkout enhances your sales with a personally branded interface, allowing you to report on customer interaction. Boost sales with cross-selling, promotions, and multilingual support.

Customer Flexibility
Provide additional services and conveniences with ease.
Yield Management
Maximising revenue per customer
Visitor Experience
Rapid checkout, even with slower connections.
Brand Consistency
Your brand is visible throughout the purchase.
Online checkout

POS Solutions

Ventrata’s Terminal solutions offer versatile POS options for seamless transactions. Whether handheld, desktop, or self-service, our devices ensure efficient ticketing and payment processing. Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction with features like all-day battery, real-time analytics, and robust payment support.




Ventrata’s handheld POS offers seamless on-the-go transactions with an all-in-one device. It scans, prints tickets, accepts card payments, and features an all-day battery. Perfect for tour operators and attractions, it enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction.




Ventrata’s desktop POS system offers seamless in-person ticket sales with robust features such as thermal printer, optional scanner, and cash registry integration compatibility. Supporting all major credit/debit cards and ensures efficient operations with real-time analytics and inventory management.




Ventrata’s self-service kiosk streamlines ticketing with an intuitive interface, reducing wait times and enhancing customer experience. Equipped with scanners and printers, these kiosks support various payment methods and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Fraud Detection
Ensure all your tickets are genuine.
Capacity Management
Improve the experience with short waiting times.
Offline limitations
Offline access to ticket scanning
Regulation compliance
Local access to waivers and consents


Ventrata’s API connectivity, seamlessly manage availability, pricing, and tickets across all channels, ensuring no overbooking or sales loss. Our tools integrate with industry-leading OTAs, offering you full control and up-to-date pricing, all via API.

octo API badge
Our APIs follow OCTO open standards designed to streamline and simplify connectivity in travel experiences sector.
120+ Reseller Connections
30+ Operator Connections
20+ Other Connections
Price Variations
Adjust your pricing based on live demands.
Industry standards
Industry recognised OCTO open standard
Limited reach
Instant connectivity to all major OTAs
Connection monitoring and alerts


Ventrata’s dashboard provides comprehensive business oversight with real-time and historical data, advanced reporting tools, and user management. Easily track revenue with ledgers and generate automated reports. Customise your entire ticketing solution and manage it all from the single location.

Resource Allocation
Allocate the right resource to the correct location.
Live Tracking
Improve your visitor experience based in real data.
Waivers and legal compliancy all in the one location.
Comprehensive reporting on all your activities

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