Dynamic pricing solution rolled out to all clients by Ventrata

New dynamic pricing feature allows ticket price to be controlled by time before departure and number of vacancies

Dynamic pricing for tours, activities and experiences operators is finally here. Ventrata is pleased to announce that it has released the functionality to all clients this week, enabling them to maintain profitability through the coronavirus crisis.

The pricing can be dynamically controlled by the time before departure and by the number of vacancies available, making it an important tool for any operator to maximise their yield.

It is available for distribution through all sales channels: online, on-site, partners and box office, and through OTAs who offer it, as well as the Octo API. Major OTAs such as GetYourGuide, Viator and Expedia support Ventrata’s dynamic pricing.

“Dynamic pricing is an inevitable evolution of this industry”

dynamic pricing
Dynamic pricing is called Fares in the Ventrata dashboard

Olly Morgan, CEO and Founder of Ventrata, said: “Dynamic pricing is an inevitable evolution of this industry. Ventrata is one of the first not only to implement true dynamic pricing, but also to distribute it through OTAs and direct channels like box office point of sale, website and partner B2B portal.

“In a Covid world of social distancing and limited capacity, dynamic pricing is absolutely critical to maintaining profit margins and staying in business.”

Ventrata has long offered the ability to control ticket prices by season, weekday, or departure time. While similar to full dynamic pricing, this rollout represents the next step in the modernisation of the sector’s technology.

The functionality is called Fares in the Ventrata dashboard and may be found in the Products tab.

As many dynamic pricing fares as are required can easily be created from the Ventrata dashboard. This is a matter of setting the prices by the amount of time before departure and by the number of vacancies. All fares are automatically updated by the backend at the correct time across all channels.

Providing a single tech stack for tours, activities and experiences operators

dynamic pricing
Dynamic pricing may be distributed through GetYourGuide, Viator and Expedia, among many others

Ventrata provides an all-in-one technology solution for the sales, management and operational needs of tour, activities and experiences operators.

The single tech stack provides omnichannel reservation, sales and booking online, in destination, and through third parties, such as partner hotels and operators, and OTAs.

It provides the best financial reporting available on the market, and allows all staff to be managed from the same platform.

Ventrata only works with the best and fastest hardware on the market such as the PAX A920 Pro and PAX E800. This allows operators to provide fully contactless customer journeys, as well as ensuring that any queues are able to be dealt with before any crowding occurs.

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