What’s different with the new Google Analytics 4 [GA4]!

This week we hosted another free webinar, this time the focus was on Google Analytics 4 which is replacing Universal Analytics (GA3).  Dan Schulman focused on using google analytics 4 to help guide business decisions for tours and activities operators.

The first part of the discussion focused on how different analytics platforms collect data and what that means for how the data can be used. Next, he looked at the new version of Google Analytics called GA4 and how to get going with it.  This included a look at how to strategically create events to ensure you are collecting the correct data to support your decision making.

We also looked at ways to apply Google Analytics  4 to problem-solving and finished with a Q & A session to help you get set up.  To watch the webinar back use this link

If you want to view the slides including links to useful resources you can download them here

About the presenter:

Dan Schulman - Google Analytics 4 Webinar presenter
Dan Schulman

Dan has been marketing travel over the Internet for more than 20 years. At Viator, he led the paid search program during its large growth phase before and through the Tripadvisor acquisition. After Tripadvisor, Dan headed marketing for Liftopia – a niche OTA within the ski industry. Currently, Dan consults for a variety of clients including travel operators and a ticketing platform

About Google Analytics 4:

Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web) is a new kind of property, with different reports than what you’re used to seeing in Universal Analytics properties.  One advantage of a GA4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together. Universal Analytics properties only support websites. Source

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