Website editing

Choose a page to edit

In the “Pages” view, first filter last edited pages so you don’t need to filter them. And then choose one of the pages you want to edit. WARNING! First, hover over the name and click “Edit with Elementor”

Update text field (don't change style)

When the editor appear, click on the field you want to edit. More percise, right click and choose “Edit”. You can choose text inside the field or in the left column where are other options (change just a text, no styles). When you’re done, hit the green “Update” button left bottom.

Update and link the button

Same way as you edited text fields you can edit buttons. Just click or right click on the element, and edit everything in the left column.

Create new pages

When you want to create a new page, go to “Pages” list in WordPress. Hit “New Page” button. Next process is important, this is the place where you will struggle. First, name the page on top. Second step, go to right column and choose “Page attributes / Templates / Elementor Canvas”. Third, unclick “Show likes” in “Likes” section. Almost there. Publish the page on top right and then hit “Edit with Elementor” button. Empty page will appear.

Fill new page with content blocks

Start with three basic blocks (no, there is no template we can reuse – duplicating doesn’t work). The best process is to copy blocks from existing pages. First, start with section where you adding things from the “Folder”. You’ll be adding from “My Templates”. First you choose “Header” (hit “Insert” button) and the same way you can add “Footer – Global”. Next and last step – Add a title header from an existing page. Always keep one of the existing pages opened. Right click on the whole section and hit “Copy”. Wherever on your new page, right click and hit “Paste”. With those six dots on top each section you can move with it. 



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