Ventrata app

All of our terminals run on an app designed to meet your exact in-destination needs

Easily increase in-destination sales

The Ventrata terminal app harnesses the power of your dashboard to boost on-site sales and manage bookings securely.

Optimised by Ventrata to work at speed on your devices, it enables your frontline staff to sell, manage their day, and track their progress towards their targets.

All information is immediately loaded to your dashboard for real-time tracking and analysis.

Quick-sell and queue bust

Quick-sell multiple products as soon as a passenger boards or queue bust with a simple booking flow

Front-line inspiration

Inspire customers, collect more information and offer promotions through a powerful booking process

Vouchers and tracking

Redeem vouchers sold by resellers and track which of your partners are performing best

Upsell at any time

Add retail extras to every sale and booking at any time

Take any payments

Accept cash, card, and payments from customers’ digital wallets on their phone

All data in your dashboard

All information is automatically uploaded to your main dashboard

Drive sales through the app dashboard

Real-time commissions and targets

Allow agents to see their commissions and targets on their own dashboard — and how close they are to achieving these — to boost sales

Allow agents to track progress

Sellers can see the number of sales, how the customer paid and their performance throughout the day, or not if required

Manage bookings on site

All bookings in one place

Agents, guides and drivers can easily see all bookings made for their shift in one place so they know how to plan

Manage manifests

Create manifests in your dashboard and distribute these to specific terminals with just one click

Searchable bookings

Bookings are straightforward to search — staff can immediately search and pull up information when needed

Simple refunds

An easy refund process enables staff to process cancellations and collect information about why for analysis

Timeout cancellations

Cancellation timeout control in your main dashboard allows you to set a period of time after which a booking can be cancelled

The best security and tracking built in

Login securely

Secure logins to all terminals for agents, sellers and drivers through the app

Track agent performance

Assign logins to each seller, guide and driver to track sales, refunds and devices

Live device tracking

GPS tracking means you can visualise exactly where each terminal is — and where sales are made

EMV certification

All devices are EMV certified with payments collected through secure gateways

Scan customisable QR codes, barcodes and vouchers

Immediate redemption

Quickly scan QR codes, barcodes and vouchers to redeem tickets as soon as a customer arrives

Customisable codes

Customisable codes allow for efficient tracking of how, where and when and ticket was sold and redeemed

Reduce staffing requirements

Scan tickets with handheld terminals or with pole-mounted validators — allowing you to reduce staffing needs

In-app support for frontline staff

Live support

Live chat with our responsive Customer Success team directly from the app to troubleshoot any issues

FAQs to hand

See previous questions that have been asked regarding any issues being faced by your frontline staff

Everything documented

Access help articles from the Ventrata Academy for answers to frequently asked questions

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