PAX A920 terminal

Empower your staff to drive sales wherever they are


Queue bust with speed and scale

Reduce staffing needs and make life easy for your customers with self-service

Inspire potential customers

A massive, full-HD screen allows you to show off your products

Online and offline sales stored

Terminal comes with loads of storage to save information when the internet goes

Optimised for performance

The PAX A920 is the best handheld ticket terminal available. It is cheaper, more reliable and comes with a longer battery life than any of its competition. When loaded with the Ventrata app, it gives you and your sellers the power to boost sales at all locations.

The new build of the Ventrata app, based on the most up-to-date frameworks from Google, has been optimised for performance on the A920. This turns the terminal into an all-in-one solution for tour operators, bus companies, attractions and hop-on hop-off tours.

It supports all mobile and paper tickets, works with OTA vouchers, and RFID tickets for cards and wristbands will soon be supported. It is also possible to integrate the solution with local transit passes.

Track everything for easy analysis and optimisation

All A920 devices can be managed through the Ventrata dashboard and PAX’s mobile device management software. It is possible to take remote control over terminals to track their locations and resources, provide live support and updates, or enter single-app mode and install third-party applications.

Within the Ventrata dashboard, you can view heatmaps of your devices that show not only locations, but also where and when your sales are taking place. This makes it incredibly simple for you to optimise your sales team — and to provide immediate tier 1 support if they need it.

If a mobile connection drops, all information is stored locally on the A920 and uploaded as soon as the network returns.

Make a quick sale, or inspire your customers

The Ventrata app has been designed with the needs of your company in mind. If a driver needs to make a sale immediately so they’re not waiting in traffic, quick sales can be carried out in seconds.

Or, you can empower your street team to inspire and guide customers through your product range with more pictures and product information.

This process also allows you to gather more information about your customers — enabling you to build a profile of your target audience for marketing purposes.

Sell with speed in any situation

The A920 comes with a bright, clear, high-resolution, touchscreen display. With the easy-to-use Ventrata app installed, all products are controlled through your dashboard, giving you the ability to set certain products only on certain devices or at certain locations.

Each device comes with a camera optimised for low-light scanning and has a 25.4mm (2-inch) thermal printer capable of printing at 80mm (3.2 inches) per second so your staff and customers never have to wait. It is possible to set a gap in printing time between each ticket so sellers are able to tear the ticket off.

Accept any payment type — completely securely

Level 2 EMV certification means that you can accept payments from contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others, without you or your customers worrying about security. It offers PCI and SRED compliance for contactless payments using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover payment schemes.

Ventrata’s software comes with anti-fraud protection to further ensure payments cannot be intercepted and that devices cannot be tampered with.

Plenty of memory, speed and strength

Built upon Paydroid 7.1, a specially secured version of Android to receive payments, the A920 features a quick ARM Cortex A7 1.1GHz 4 core processor — one of the most efficient in the world. This means that customers will not be forced to wait while scanning their tickets.

The terminal has 1GB RAM and 8GB flash memory, expandable by 32GB through a micro SD card slot, for offline sales and scan storage.

It has been designed and built to withstand the test of time on the frontlines of retail and public transport. Toughened glass on the scanner and screen and a robust casing allow it to take any number of knocks.

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