On-board validator

Increase efficiency with reliable, pole-mounted scanners


Drive self-service on your transport options

Reduce staffing needs and make life easy for your customers with self-service

Scan tickets and take payments

Ventrata’s validators are also designed to quick sell tickets for those who hop on

Online and offline sales stored

The validator comes with storage to save information when the internet goes

Accept all tickets with Ventrata’s on-board validators

Our on-board validators are the leading solution for public transport systems. When paired with Ventrata’s software solutions, they become unbeatable.

The validators support all mobile and paper tickets, work with OTA vouchers, and RFID tickets are supported for cards and wristbands.

It is also possible to integrate our solutions with local transit passes.

Direct connections for easy analysis

With connections to wifi and mobile internet networks, or hardwired straight into your on-board router, the validator automatically uploads redemption and sales information straight to your Ventrata dashboard.

This means you can assess the load of your network in real time, as well as analysing historical data on a number of different levels, including by validator, by bus, or with geographical heat maps.

If a mobile connection drops, the information is stored locally on the device and uploaded as soon as the network returns.

Accept any payment type — completely securely

Level 2 EMV certification means that you can accept payments from contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others, without you or your customers worrying about security.

It offers PCI and SRED compliance for contactless payments using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover payment schemes.

Ventrata’s software comes with anti-fraud protection to further ensure payments cannot be intercepted and that devices cannot be tampered with.

Intuitive interface for ease of use

Our validators come with bright, clear high-resolution displays. With the easy-to-use Ventrata app installed, customers are able to choose which product they would like to purchase with no need for sales staff to guide them through the process.

All products are controlled through your dashboard, with the ability to set certain products only on certain devices.

An unbreakable design and an unbeatable performance

With a speedy i.MX6UL processor, customers will not be forced to wait while redeeming their tickets. Any software issues can be fixed by connecting to an online device through your dashboard and debugging.

It has been designed and built to withstand the test of time on the frontlines of public transport. Toughened glass on the scanner and screen and a robust casing allow it to take any number of knocks. If physical repairs are required, a secure quick-release mechanism allows for easy access.

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