Take advantage of our reliable devices. Ventrata only works with the best hardware on the market, so you don’t need to worry

A920 handheld terminals

Empower your staff to drive sales wherever they are

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Drive frontline sales

Empower your frontline staff to inspire and upsell with our handheld terminals

Quick-sell with ease

Quick-sell tickets with just a few clicks when time is short

Offline sales

Terminals work offline — with information sent as soon as they reconnect

All-in-one solution

A handheld point-of-sale for payments, printing and redemption

All ticket types supported

Support for mobile and paper tickets, OTA vouchers, RFID tickets and transit passes

Location analysis

GPS tracking allows you to analyse sales by location and track devices for security


The perfect point-of-sale to guide and inspire customers

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All-in-one POS

A lightweight desktop tablet that works as an all-in-one scanner, printer and payment solution

Inspired upselling

Visually guide customers through their options and upsell your combinations

Fully white-labelled

Give partners a white-labelled backend portal so they can check live availability

Real-time information

Direct connection to your dashboard with all activity automatically loaded

Incentivise your staff

Fully integrated with targets and commissions to incentivise performance

Completely secure

All our devices are fully certified for EMV secure payments

Ticket validators

Increase efficiency with reliable, pole-mounted scanners

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Reduce staffing needs

Designed to be pole-mounted or to integrate with turnstiles to easily check tickets

Easy to use

Bright, clear high-resolution display to ensure it's easy and intuitive to use

All information immediately uploaded

All redemptions automatically loaded for real time analysis

Works online and offline

All scans stored on the device for offline redemptions

Optimise redemptions

Analyse the number of redemptions made by each device to optimise placement

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