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On-site sales

We have a wide range of desktop and handheld devices designed to work perfectly for on-site sales, even if you’ve no internet connection

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Speedy set up

Our best-in-class terminals, POS and kiosks work straight out of the box

Incentivise your staff

Empower your staff to drive sales and earn commissions

Long battery life

Terminals guaranteed to last more than a full day on one charge

Completely secure

EMV-certified, secure devices and tracking to give you peace of mind

Everything works offline

Internal storage so all information is kept even if your network disappears

Real-time results

All terminals, POS and kiosks connected directly to your dashboard

Online Sales

We average an online sales conversion rate of more than 3.5% across all clients with our highly optimised solutions

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High-converting sites

Our custom-built sites deliver conversion rates of more than 3.5%

Your brand comes first

Fully white-labelled sites — complete with your branding and colours

Easy content management

Comprehensively manage products and deals from our integrated CMS

Real-time tracking

See your online sales in your dashboard immediately

Boost your traffic

Easily optimise your site for social and search traffic

Partner sales

From local hotels to online travel agents, we give you the tools to manage partner sales at scale

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White-labelled portals

Provide concierges with direct connections through white-labelled portals

Grow worldwide

Integrate with global marketplaces, such as Viator, GetYourGuide, and Expedia

Simple partner management

Easily manage all your partner allocations and incentives with custom banding

Invoice with ease

Generate invoices accurately — straight from your dashboard

Report exactly what you need

Generate custom reports to analyse which channels perform best

Widen distribution

Show off and sell in foyers, arrival halls and tourist information offices


Built to your exact specifications, now you only need one tech stack to manage your operations

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Move to a single stack

Manage every aspect of your operation with one custom-built dashboard

Easy comparisons

Compare performance on a year-on-year basis for revenue, bookings and more

Simplify organisation

Fully integrate all of your sales channels with accounting

Easy-to-manage manifests

Create and distribute driver, guide and agent manifests with the click of a button

Automate processes

Increase efficiency and reduce human error with automation

Report exactly what you need

Easily generate and export graphs and reports for analysis

Ventrata app

All of our terminals run on an app designed to meet your exact in-destination needs

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Quick-sell and queue bust

Quick-sell multiple products as soon as a passenger boards

All bookings in one place

Guides and drivers can easily see all bookings made for their shift in one place

Immediate redemption

Quickly scan QR codes, barcodes and vouchers to redeem tickets

Easy-to-manage manifests

Create and distribute driver, guide and agent manifests with the click of a button

In-app support

Live chat with our Customer Success team from the app to troubleshoot

Allow agents to track progress​

Sellers can see the number of sales, how the customer paid and their performance


Take advantage of our reliable devices. Ventrata only works with the best hardware on the market, so you don’t need to worry

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Sell on the spot

Sell, print and scan tickets on the spot with reliable and long-lasting terminals

Inspire travellers

Place your products in front of customers with our simple, visual POS and kiosks

Offline sales

Receive contactless card payments even when you’re offline

Fully secure

Secure, EMV certified devices and transfers of booking and payment details

Quick-sell your products

Set up quick sales for your drivers, or gather more information

GPS tracking

Device tracking in your dashboard to ensure your hardware never gets lost

Customer success

Ventrata is designed to help you scale. With everything we build tailored to your needs, our Customer Success team are here to help you get the best out of Ventrata

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