Six reasons why off the peg booking or reservation software is the smart choice

The commoditisation of booking or reservation systems means that you can now buy effective, competitively-priced and commercially-proven software straight off the peg for your tour or attraction business. So why bother with the expense and inconvenience of building your own bespoke systems?

Commoditisation is the process in which innovations become more commonplace – a part of everyday life – so their marketplace is increasingly filled with interchangeable products. The happy result for consumers is dropping prices and a rise in competition among providers of that service or goods.

Booking and reservation software systems are now so commonplace they have joined the ranks of commoditised software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, supply chain management, accounting systems and HR systems; not to mention the ultra-commoditised software titan that is Microsoft.

As with most software that has made the well-worn journey from revolutionary and premium-priced to an everyday and affordable commodity, customers like you have fewer reasons (if any) to splash out on pricey and risky made-to-measure booking or reservations software.

Here are six compelling reasons why – when it comes to booking and reservation software – you’ll never need to say, “We couldn’t find something so we built it ourselves…”

1. Avoid unnecessary expense

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Need we say more?! Bespoke costs more. Can you really justify (or afford) splashing out when the benefits of tailormade are harder to discern?

2. Keep your focus on your business

The bigger operators are very clear: they’re differentiating through the service they provide, not through the tech that they use. Software is the key to that differentiated service, but their customers are not aware of that! So don’t waste your energies on time-heavy, distracting projects for bespoke systems. Focus your resources instead where they belong: on your tour or attraction business.

3. No-one has reinvented the wheel

Why has no one reinvented the humble wheel? Because it has been tried and tested over millennia and the verdict is in: it works! Our booking systems have also been put through their paces by customers and your end users. So you get the peace of mind that the systems work just fine! (Not always the case when operators go down the bespoke route…)

4. “Where does the software come from?” asked no customer ever

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When was the last time that someone buying a car asked about where the steel (or fibreglass) came from? And so with your booking or reservations systems. Your customers just want a safe, simple and streamlined experience. 

5. Find other ways to enhance your customers’ journey

Focus on what your customers need and ensure you choose an off the peg software system that includes features that enhance their booking journey. These may include reporting, tracking or CRM features.

6. If off the peg is good enough for the biggest players in your sector…

You can be genuinely proud that your tour or attraction provides an exceptional and unforgettable experience for every one of your customers. But the hard truth is that your business is probably not that unusual or unique. Your pain points are probably largely the same as those of many other similar operators. Which means that off the peg booking or reservation software solutions almost definitely exist that will perfectly fit your business goals. The biggest organisations operating tours and attractions across multiple continents just want to run their businesses. If they can find ready-made software solutions that fit the bill, you can too.

Our off the peg systems will be a perfect fit

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We understand that, when it comes to ensuring your customers get the best possible experience, one size does not always fit all. Which is why we offer lots of affordable features and configuring options, providing software which will ultimately suit each and every business process and budget. If you want the option of customisation (which is more expensive), we will also make that happen.

Find out how our platforms will help you boost your tour or attractions business. Schedule your demonstration today.

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