Seven ingenious ways a booking software will boost your sales and revenue

Implement a all-in-one booking software built for tours and activities and you’ll:

  • Maximise sales and revenue;
  • Build greater customer loyalty;
  • Gain real control over capacity and footfall;
  • Streamline the booking process, enhancing the experience for customers;
  • Boost employee satisfaction;
  • Enhance your brand and company image;

Discover why and find out how you can start cost-effectively integrating a leading ticketing system into your business today.

The Rise (And Rise) of All-In-One Ticketing Systems

Some tour operators are still hugely challenged by coordinating and prioritising requests from many different sources. The answer is simple. A one-stop-shop booking solution will overcome these problems – and deliver other game-changing benefit – even solving issues you didn’t know you had!

Ticketing systems are used by companies from small businesses to large corporations, working across a broad range of industries. As well as streamlining and boosting your sales operations, they’ll also cost-effectively manage customer relationships, and automate and optimise myriad administrative processes.

Here are seven ways in which – according to feedback from our customers – an all-in-one booking software will maximise sales and revenue for your tours and attractions.

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1. Customers Love Online Ticketing

700 million users are expected to use online booking systems in 2023. Research proves that the vast majority (67%) of customers prefer self-service to dealing with a company rep. 83% even confirm their greater loyalty to brands which respond to, and effectively resolve, complaints.

2. Booking Software Really Will Maximise Sales

If you’re giving your customers maximum flexibility to book anytime, anywhere, including (increasingly) on mobile devices: they’re no longer restricted by your staffing or opening hours. By giving them full access to real time availability, they can now choose the dates and times that suit them best.

Crucially, automation reduces the amount of admin required from customers (a common point of frustration). A more pleasant user experience increases the likelihood of selling to them again in the future.  In addition, automation improves your profitability and enables you to offer upgrades and/or add-ons, helping you hike revenue further through upselling.

Not only gaining you customers’ money; you’re also gleaning vital data which will help you build insights (including customer spend, returning customers, favourite events). Therefore, you can identify and target your VIP customers, personalising their experience to nurture even greater customer loyalty.
All of which will also boost revenue and give your brand greater value.

Find out, in their own words, how our booking systems have maximised sales for a broad range of tour or attraction operators.

3. The Only Ticketing Tool You’ll Ever Need

Having specialised in building ticketing systems expressly for tour and transport operators, attractions and museums, our single tech stack provides omnichannel online reservation, sales and booking. It incorporates our extensive insights into the specific requirements of your sector, including everything operators like you want from your ticketing tool.  

Whether you need your solution to: 

our proven and versatile online ticketing tool will grow your business.

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Automation means spending less on administrating the system, boosting your profitability; and it frees up your customer services team to undertake tasks or provide a human touch only when really needed – thus adding real value. Moreover, our platform is fully connected, so tickets are printed and scanned with ease. Paperless ticketing is fully supported with SMS and e-tickets which in return reduces customer queueing times significantly and enhances visitors’ experience and satisfaction.

4. Enhance Your Marketing With Booking System

As a Ventrata customer, you’ll can boost your tour marketing through our partnerships with Go City and GetYourGuide. You can market and distribute to their considerable global customer bases. For more about what this means for you as a supplier and how Ventrata can help boost your sales, book a free no-obligation consultation today.

5. The Perfect Tool for Capacity Planning

Intuitive scheduling allows you to monitor and manage capacity. Customers get real time visibility so they only get to book periods when there is availability. This helps you anticipate footfall, spread entry and avoid bottlenecks, manage staffing and focus your marketing efforts on fallow periods.

6. Discover The Joys of Pre-Booking

Customers can pre-book through multiple channels (Web, POS, Phone and third-party sales portals)- This helps you avoid cashflow (and other) issues created by no-shows, because you’re getting payment upfront.

7. Free Website Builder For Your Tours And Attractions

Use our free web builder tool to build a beautiful new website, based on your brand requirements. Our team will guide you through the build process and we’ll host the site on our powerful servers.

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Grow Your Business With Booking Software

Discover how Ventrata’s booking system will help you grow your sales channels, boost demand and maximise your revenue for your tour or attraction right now.

Schedule a free demo today so you can start communicating more powerfully with customers, taking your business to new heights.

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