PAX A920 certified for use in Australian tours, activities and attractions market

When used with Ventrata, the PAX A920 provides hygienic sales and instant updates to your dashboard

The PAX A920 contactless hand-held terminal has been certified to accept payments in Australia. It is the best terminal on the market for tours, activities and attractions to provide on-site sales and to inspire and guide your customers through your products.

Australian tours, activities and attractions operators will now have the opportunity to drive sales and easily collect tickets on-site, with all information sent directly to your Ventrata dashboard for instant analysis.

Certification in New Zealand is expected to follow soon.

Cheaper, more reliable and a battery that lasts for ages

A920s are cheaper, more reliable and come with a longer battery life than any of its competition. When loaded with the Ventrata app, it gives you and your sellers the power to boost sales at all locations.

The new build of the Ventrata app, based on the most up-to-date frameworks from Google, has been optimised for performance on the A920. This turns the terminal into an all-in-one solution for tour operators, bus companies, attractions and hop-on hop-off tours.

It supports all mobile and paper tickets, works with OTA vouchers, and RFID tickets for cards and wristbands will soon be supported. It is also possible to integrate the solution with local transit passes.

Accept contactless payments, and Apple Pay and Google Pay

The A920 comes with a bright, clear, high-resolution, touchscreen display. With the easy-to-use Ventrata app installed, all products are controlled through your dashboard, giving you the ability to set certain products only on certain devices or at certain locations.

It can accept payments from contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, among others, without you or your customers worrying about security. It offers PCI and SRED compliance for contactless payments using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover payment schemes.

Ventrata’s software comes with anti-fraud protection to further ensure payments cannot be intercepted and that devices cannot be tampered with.

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