Hop-on Hop-off

Ventrata was originally designed for hop-on hop-off bus operations — we’re still amazing at it

Drive online sales by inspiring travellers

Our high-converting sites are built to sell more tickets by inspiring travellers to take one of your tours 


Voucher redemption & ticket scanning

Scan and redeem all sales with our portable handheld terminals that are perfect for mobile ticket inspection


Analyse your sales as they happen

All sales — online, partner and on-site — are immediately loaded into your dashboard for real-time analysis

We’re helping those clients to be awesome

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Move to the market leader for on-site sales

Ventrata provides the market-leading solution for on-site sales. Whether those are carried out by your agents or your drivers, they have the ability to upsell and receive incentives directly through the Ventrata app.


You can track and visualise all the information you need as it happens — and you don’t ever need to worry about your batteries running out of juice.

Ventrata ticketing platform multichannel ticketing sales and booking platform markets tour operator hop-on hop-off buses attractions bus operator dashboard

Terminals that work all day

Your new terminals will work brilliantly with or without an active internet connection, and make upselling easy

Boost revenue with quick-sales

Quick-sell multiple products and inspire your customers on the street with our easy-to-use terminal app

Real-time targets and commissions

Drive sales by showing your sellers, guides and drivers their targets and commissions earned in real time

Secure payments

All of Ventrata’s payment solutions are fully-integrated and secure so you don’t need to worry about online fraud

Everything connects to your dashboard

All information about sales and locations are immediately loaded to your dashboard — and to your accounting

Simple manifest management

Create driver, agent and seller manifests, and send them out to terminals with just one click when you need

Tour operators dashboard

Drive your local and worldwide distribution

Drive partner sales

Provide concierges and resellers with direct connections to your tours through white-labelled portals

Boost marketplace revenue

Integrate with global marketplaces, such as Viator, GetYourGuide, Expedia, and more than 100 others

Tour operators markets tour operator hop-on hop-off buses attractions bus operator dashboard

Achieve an average online conversion rate of 3.5%

Each of our websites have been optimised for one thing — to sell your tours to more people. All sites are custom-built to your specifications, colours and branding, and easy to optimise for both social and SEO.


Ventrata’s integrated CMS means that you can easily inspire potential customers to hop on one of your buses. And all your products are loaded and report back to your dashboard in real time.

Multiple integrations

Choose your integration option — simple checkout buttons, embedded checkouts or we’ll design and build you a beautiful new website

Boost conversion rates

Our fully white-labelled, custom-built sites achieve an average conversion rate of more than 3.5%

Integrated CMS

Comprehensively manage all your online products, packages and deals from our integrated CMS

Drive traffic

Optimise your site for search and social to boost your traffic, sales, and start thinking mobile first

Remarket and upsell

Offer exclusive online discounts and combinations and remarket to people who left your website without checking out

Made to inspire

Inspire your potential customers with articles and pages that have been built with content marketing blogs in mind

Control everything from just one dashboard​

Tour operators markets tour operator hop-on hop-off buses attractions bus operator

Product management

Comprehensive product management gives you control over rates, variations, and where they’re sold — with all bookings loaded immediately 

Pricing by date or season

Automate pricing and deals for seasons, months and specific days to drive sales, and edit these with ease

Secure gateways

All transactions processed through secure gateways, supporting more than 180 payment methods from across the world

Make accounting easy

Fully integrate all your sales channels with accounting to easily generate and deliver invoices

Keep your information safe

All databases and connections stored on secure servers built on AWS with encrypted connections

Build in-depth, custom reports

markets tour operator hop-on hop-off buses attractions bus operator

Custom reports

Generate and export custom reports and graphs to easily track your performance at whichever level you need to examine

Analyse any metric

Create reports based on any metric you choose, such as revenue, bookings and for staff, location, or channel, for deep analysis

Quick comparisons

Compare your performance on a year-on-year basis, or by whatever time frame suits you best, as soon as you open your dashboard

Keep every channel selling

Analyse the performance of deals, commissions and incentives to ensure sales efficiency

Optimise your locations

Track and visualise on-site sales using devices’ GPS to ensure you’re placing street sellers in the correct locations

With incredibly responsive customer success and development teams dedicated to understanding you and your business needs, we can implement new tools designed to meet your exact requirements within a matter of days. All you need to do is ask!

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