Custom branding for operators launches on the Ventrata app

Manage your custom branding across all touchpoints with the only restech that allows you to do so

As every tour, activity and experience operator knows, branding is essential to running a business. It increases recall, and therefore retention, trust, and is the foundation of a company’s story.

That’s why Ventrata have rolled out the ability for operators to manage their own branding in our industry-leading app

Keep your company’s brand front and centre at all times

custom branding ventrata app
Place your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds with the Ventrata app — Ventrata

This allows companies to ensure that their brand is front and centre of every touchpoint with the customer, reinforcing that vital connection even further. We’re the only restech to give you the ability to control your custom branding in such a way.

The Ventrata app is optimised to work on the best hardware available on the market, and our custom-built websites already come with full branding.

New security features also released

custom branding ventrata app
Ventrata is committed to staying at the forefront of protecting operators from fraud and theft — P11irom / Adobe Stock

We’ve also added new security features to your dashboard to make certain that only the correct people can access business information. It is now possible to whitelist particular IP addresses so that only people using that network are able to login. 

If no IPs are whitelisted, it will be possible for a user to log in from any location.

Along with other steps to maintain our clients’ security, such as our anti-fraud gates for buses and use of NFC keys to log in to devices, Ventrata is committed to staying at the forefront of protection from fraud and theft.

Instructions on how to manage your tour, activity or experience’s custom branding across all platforms in your dashboard may be found here

Instructions on how to manage your Roles may be found here

To see all updates to the Ventrata app, take a look at our changelog

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