Our website has seen year on year growth of over 30% since moving to Ventrata. The team have been very responsive and work hard. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline including using Ventrata for our street sales, self-service kiosks and on-board ticket validators. I'm looking forward to collaborating with them in the future.
Claus Tworeck
CEO, City Sightseeing South Africa
Ventrata was the first system we found that could power all our sales channels: on-street, website, hotel concierge and wholesale. Having every booking visible in a single dashboard has made our lives a lot easier and allowed us to cut costs and run more efficiently. They are always innovating with new products which is great and keeps us ahead of the competition.
Christian Watts
CEO, City Sightseeing San Francisco
We have seen over 200% growth in website sales when we switched to Ventrata. Our operation as whole has more than doubled in a year since we started working with them. They've been a critical partner in making that growth possible and regularly visit us in Prague to help with setup, training and understanding our requirements.
Blerta Pasha
GM, City Sightseeing Prague

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City Sightseeing Marketplace

We are fully connected to the City Connect marketplace allowing any sale made by City Sightseeing or one of their partners to be automatically received into your Ventrata account. You will then be able to scan those tickets without the need for any extra hardware or system.


City Sightseeing also offers the ability for billing to be automated for partners who scan all their tickets, meaning you no longer need to collect the paper vouchers and mail them back to HQ, they’ll pay out automatically on each scan!

Local Website

We have a fully built and optimised website product that can be built in only a few clicks. Any new product or pricing changes you make on the backoffice will be automatically updated on your website, and all the content is easily edited using our CMS system built into the website.


It also comes fully responsive (mobile friendly) and supports all major credit/debit cards as well as local payment methods.


From start to finish your brand new website can be up and running in only a few days. You can click some of the other city sightseeing website links above for examples. We built all of them.

Mobile Ticket Terminals

Our handheld ticket terminals are built on Android and iOS and will be familiar to any street seller that has used a smartphone before.


They work with and without an internet connection, and can accept all major credit and debit card brands on the street.

We have all the features you expect such as anti-fraud when tampering with the printers, mobile barcode ticket scanning, a fast interface for sales.


Then things you don’t expect like in-built seller commissions and a display of sales targets for staff to keep them motivated.


Hotel Concierge

Our concierge product is a simple web portal you can give to local hotels to allow their concierges to browse your products and sell tickets to their guests.


All tickets are printed with a barcode that can be scanned with our mobile ticket terminals, and availability is requested in realtime.

You can also manage your concierge commissions, and issue invoices automatically from Ventrata.


The concierge is also able to see their sales history and manage their own logins from the portal.

More Customers Testimonials

In November we told Ventrata that if they wanted our business they needed to have everything deployed for the 1st of January. By Christmas we had 45 ticket terminals, brand new website and full concierge service ready to go!
Athena Papareskou-Hinks
GM, City Sightseeing Athens
Ventrata has grown my website sales and given me a single dashboard which combined my web, on-street and partner sales into one. Their team are responsive and friendly and we haven't looked back since joining them.
David Strainge
President, City Sightseeing San Antonio
As well as operating the city sightseeing franchise in LA, we also run a large number of day tours and attractions. Ventrata powers every ticket we sell and has worked hard to support every type of tour we offer.
Kian Farhadi
IT Director, Starline Tours of Hollywood

Ticket Validator

Our on-board validation tool is capable of scanning vouchers and tickets alike, and works with or without an internet connection.


After scanning it tells the customer whether their ticket is still valid and how much time they have remaining. It will also provide audio cues to the driver indicating whether the ticket is valid and how many people it admits.


In the backoffice you can see the volume of tickets scanned, which locations and when. You can also see the number of expired, cancelled or invalid tickets that tried to board.



Our self service kiosk is the perfect queue busting tool, giving a large HD display showing all the available products you offer and allowing the customer to checkout and pay.


It works well indoors and outside and supports credit/debit card and contactless payment methods.


Customers once purchased will have their tickets printed out and can be used directly on the bus.

Location Tracing

All scanners, kiosks and ticket terminals are tracked from our dashboard allowing you to keep track of all your devices in real time!

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